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Best Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional ACP training in Pune, India

Alibaba Cloud Computing Certification (ACP Level - Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional) is a professional technical certification designed for architects, developers and O&M personnel who use Alibaba Cloud Computing products.

This certification is designed for those familiar with cloud computing and a rich operational knowledge of Alibaba Cloud products. ACP Cloud Computing Certification covers a spectrum of Alibaba Cloud core services, including architecture, networking, cloud security, and best practices.


  • Candidate should have completed the Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate(ACA) certification.
  • IT professionals/developers with some IT experience
  • Knowledge of networking like OSI model, TCP/IP model, IP addressing details
  • Basic knowledge of OS configuration: Disk management, Networking setting, software installation, etc.
We are covering official Alibaba Cloud ACP certification syllabus in this training: Alibaba Cloud ACP syllabus
  • Familiar with ECS-related concepts, including regions and zones, instances, disks, snapshots, images, networks, and security groups.
  • Has knowledge about the advantages, billing policies, application scenarios, APIs and SDKs of ECS.
  • Able to deploy applications based on ECS products.
  • Familiar with the usage and operations of ECS instances, disks, security groups, snapshots, images and tags.
  • Able to discover and resolve common problems arising during the operating system usage, server logons, and use of other ECS instance products.
  • Able to implement application solutions based on ECS, RDSand Server Load Balancers, VPCs, OSS, CDN, Auto Scaling, Alibaba Cloud Security and CloudMonitor products.
Auto Scaling:
  • Familiar with the basic concepts related to Auto Scaling, including scaling groups, scaling configuration, scaling rules, scaling activities, scaling trigger tasks, scaling mode and freezing time.
  • Familiar with Auto Scaling features, product advantages and common application scenarios.
  • Familiar with Auto Scaling's specific configuration and operations, including the creation and maintenance of scaling groups, configuration ofrules and jobs, and configuration of alert jobs.
  • Has knowledge about precautions during Auto Scaling use to prevent and solve common problems arising during use.
  • Able to implement application solutions based on Auto Scaling and ECS and Server Load Balancer products.
Server Load Balancer:
  • Familiar with Server Load Balancer-related basic concepts and features, including the Server Load Balancer definition, implementation principles, supported protocols, session persistence, health checks, backend server weights, certificates, and forwarding policies.
  • Familiar with Server Load Balancers product advantages and its application scenarios.
  • Has knowledge about usage, operation and maintenance of Server Load Balancers, including Server Load Balancer configuration, maintenance, precautions, and problem identification and handling.
  • Able to implement application solutions based on Server Load Balancer as well as ECS and Auto Scaling products.
  • Familiar with VPC-related concepts, including VPCs, Vrouters, Vswitches, route tables, and route entries.
  • Has knowledge about the advantages and application scenarios of VPC products.
  • Has knowledge about the usage and operation of VPCs, Vswitches, EIPs, Vrouters, and route tables.
  • Has knowledge about the security and configuration as well as use restrictions of VPCs.
  • Able to carry out VPC monitoring and O&M.
  • Has knowledge about implementation of interconnection solutions between VPCs through Express Connect.
  • Able to use ECS, Server Load Balancer and OSS products in a VPC and implement application solutions.
  • Familiar with the OSS-related concepts, including regions, buckets, objects, anti-leech, and object lifecycle management.
  • Has knowledge about the advantages, application scenarios and billing models of OSS products.
  • Has knowledge about the management, use and operations of OSS buckets and objects.
  • Familiar with the image processing capabilities offered by OSS.
  • Familiar with common problems arising during the usage of OSS products.
  • Able to implement application solutions based on OSS as well as ECS, CDN and ApsaraVideo for Media Transcoding.
  • Familiar with CDN-related basic concepts, including DNS resolution, intelligent DNS, CNAME, cache, edge nodes, CDN Domains, and back-to-source.
  • Has knowledge about the advantages, application scenarios and billing modes of CDN products.
  • Able to carry out basic configuration and optimization of CDN to solve basic common problems.
  • Able to implement application solutions based on CDN as well as ECS and OSS products.
Alibaba Cloud Security services and CloudMonitor:
  • Has basic security awareness and security basics of using cloud services.
  • Has knowledge about Alibaba Cloud Security series, such as Anti-DDoS Basic, Anti-DDoS Pro, Server Guard and CloudMonitor.
  • Has knowledge about the basics of Anti-DDoS Basic, Server Guard and CloudMonitor.
  • Able to discover DDoS attacks, brute force password cracking attacks, and web SQL injections among other common security risks according to security alerts from Alibaba Cloud, and use Alibaba Cloud Security product for protection.
General knowledge about Cloud Computing:
  • Practitioners in the cloud computing field are required to possess basic knowledge about the related concepts, technologies and cloud computing advantages, including the definition, features, advantages, service types, implementation technologies and deployment methods of cloud computing.
Exam details for ACA - Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional:
  • Total questions: 70
  • Passing 65 point
  • Total exam points 100
  • Discounted Price: USD 120 (Original Price: USD 200.00)
  • Time: 90 minutes
  • Available at: PearsonVue Testing Centers
  • Question types: There are three types of questions on the examination: Single selection (30 questions), Multiple selections (15 questions) and True-or-false questions (25 questions).

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